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Bank BJB - Penerimaan Officer Development Program (ODP) and Account Officer Program Development (AODP) 2020

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cdcindonesia.com - The following job vacancy information comes from one of the companies engaged in regional banking in Indonesia, especially West Java, namely:Bank BJB or commonly known as Bank Jabar Banten is a BUMD bank owned by West Java and Banten Provinces that has an office center in Bandung. BJB Bank was founded on May 20, 1961 with the status of a Limited Liability Company which later changed to BUMD. With the development of the BJB Bank, the bank currently has 1 Head Office, 65 Branch Offices, 314 Sub-Branch Offices, 349 Cash Offices, 171 Payment Points, 34 Mobile Car Cash, 1,526 Bank ATMs, 13 Bank Precious ATMs, 6 MSME Centers / PESAT, and 11 Weekend Banking. The vision of the BJB Bank is to become the 10 biggest and best performing banks in Indonesia. With the First Mission is the Driving and Driving of the Regional Economy. Second, Carry out regional money storage.
Thirteen, One of the sources of Local Original Revenue. Since August 2, 1990, PT Bank Pembangunan Derah, West Java and Banten Tbk became foreign exchange banks.

Officer Development Program (ODP) and Account Officer Program Development (AODP)
Job Location: Throughout the Bjb Bank Regional Office Work Network

  • Man and woman ;
  • Minimum S1 Education (Has Passed Final Trial);
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00;
  • Maximum Age:
    • 25 years for S1;
    • 27 Years For S2;
  • Leading University Graduates With College Accreditation & Study Program A;
  • Does not have a family relationship with Bank Bjb employees up to the 2nd degree (father / mother / grandfather / grandmother / husband / wife / child / brother / sister);
  • Attractive appearance with proportional height & weight:
    • Men: Minimum Height 170 Cm;
    • Women: Minimum Height 160 Cm;
  • AODP Allocation for Consumptive, Micro, Kpr & Kkb Account Officers
  • ODP Designation for Corporate & Commercial Account Officers;
  • Not Married And Willingly Not Married During Their Education and Service Ties;
  • Willing to be Placed Throughout the Network of Offices of Bank Bjb.
Note: Ingin mendapatakan informasi langsung dari email kami untuk lowongan kerja CPNS, BUMN, Perusahaan Swasta, Multinational Company, dan bidang lainnya silahkan, mendaftar disini.

For more detail information on the requirement, please refer official source from Pertamina Group on following link below.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Attractive remuneration plus generous benefit will be offered to candidates suitable for each position.Latest Date 3 Mei 2020.